About Us

Negarin, the London-born contemporary brand for the modern woman, epitomizes her search for globally inspired, intellectual yet whimsical designs. The Press is being drawn to the youthful freshness and vibrant colours of the brand, as well as its intrinsic wearability.

A trained artist and sculptor, Negarin Sadr weaves the story of her art into the medium of clothing, working with the illusion of shape, juxtaposing textures and playing with prints and cuts to present a woman at her most alluring. For us, a Negarin piece is characterized by unparalleled attention to detail coupled with impeccable quality. Indeed Negarin’s approach to everyday luxury sees the very latest in high tech innovation and luxurious Italian crease-free cloths worked into her timelessly elegant designs.

During her time at Donna Karan, Negarin’s unique style emerged as she carved out a new fashion direction where garments became practical, visual art. On her new career path Negarin trained with some of the most respected high end and high street fashion houses in Italy. As a busy woman herself in need of a hard-working wardrobe, Negarin felt compelled to create the ultimate problem-solving womenswear wardrobe and seized this opportunity to establish her own brand in 2011.

Delighting in allowing her inquisitive and exploratory nature to bring a youthful, urban buzz and architectural aesthetic to the world of women’s fashion; Negarin’s globally-inspired designs are fast becoming the collected eye at the centre of the modern woman’s wardrobe storm.